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the audience laughed as he claimed his Brexit position was cl▓ear, but this did not seem quite as b▓ad as Johnson's unconvincing claims to ▓be someone who keeps▓ his promi▓ses," the Guardian noted.?/p>

圱he Guardi▓an commented that regardless of the YouGov verdict, Lab▓our won't be disappointed with Corbyn's per▓formance, while John▓son's Conservatives would be enti▓tled to be relieved, "but certainly not overjoyed."Labour

is▓ trailing the Conservati

ves by a large margin in most opinion polls.Pressed by moder▓ator Julie Etchingh▓am, both leaders promised to improve the nature ▓of debate if▓ they become the prime mi▓nister after Dec. ▓12.Her question▓ wa

s prompted by ▓complaints of bitter and hos▓tile wrangling that▓ has been the hallmark of debates in the House o▓f Commons during 2019.Etchingham asked them both to make her call a p▓ledge, and